As a leading International consultation company , SG Group  has built its reputation on consistent innovation, effective strategy, and lasting results. Leveraging close working relationships within its home and International media markets, the company is known for all kind of campaigns that position clients at the top of their business

Best Solutions 

Consultation can give you the best advice and open your eyes for a new way to deal with life 


We have  international offices with long experience to give the clients the best services 


TeamWork is the faundation of our successful work and for the satesfied custemers .


SG group LTD

Public Relation & Buseniss Analysis

buseniss advice and  buwsiness analysis.

Social Media Managment.

Photo and Video Services.

Printing and Graphic Designs.

SG group LTD

Real Estat 

looking for place to move in??  

Our professional team will help you find the best place commercial or individual.

SG group LTD

Legal Consultation

All legal consultation is given to our Investors , Business men , and Indivaduls for their resedince , Imigration , company registrations and any other advice they need.

SG group LTD

Travel and Tourism

Planing for you the best tour in Georgia according to your request and providing the best services, ( Midecal ,Holyday,Honeymoon..et

SG group LTD

Student Services

Visa Issuing.

University Admition and Acceptense.

Airport meet and greet.


Student insurance.

Full year follow up in the university


Our loyal team working and some of the Beutiful places in Georgia

injoy the view